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Concrete Resurfacing: Beautifying and Fortifying Your Home

A lot of builders now recommend Concrete resurfacing for those concerned about the looks of their floors but worried about costs running too high. Many people who get their concrete resurfaced are often shocked by the results afterwards, as there are advanced resurfacing techniques now that permit the achievement of fascinating effects.

Ever since architecture discovered the design potentials of decorative concrete, this building technique has been employed more and more. Besides getting your concrete resurfaced, you may also have it polished, or even stained. Here are a few bits of information about these decorative methods and why you should seriously consider resurfacing.

A polished floor made of concrete is produced by working on the floor with diamond-covered pads to achieve a slick finish. This procedure requires great attention to detail on the part of the craftsman, from equipment to actual work surface. There are many pads you can find on the market for polishing concrete flooring, although it is best to leave the choice up to the building company.

Some people prefer the interest of texturized concrete that is achieved with stamping procedures. You can create your own mold but hardware stores sell a variety of designs to choose from. A lot of people are often deceived by stamped concrete walkways that look as though they are tiled and not concrete.

Stained concrete, on the other hand, cannot be done by just about anyone. Only those with prior experience can properly create a solution that uses muriatic acid. The idea is to produce a chemical reaction that would create permanent stains on the floor.

Your average stain expert works with a liquid that is basically a blend of several reactive substances. Staining concrete is always something of a gamble, however, as the whorls, patterns, and swirls that are the end result of the process come out randomly. The chemicals are responsible for the stains, at the end.

If you want a safer way to stain concrete, go with water staining. The main and important difference is that there is no chemical reaction. Acrylics are used for this style, and are layered over the concrete artfully to look like genuine chemical staining.

Concrete that has undergone a resurface process is the next item in this compilation of decorative concrete styles. Resurfaced concrete is achieved by the production of a compound of acrylic coloring substances and cement. Engineers realized that the substance they had produced was ideal for a new type of decorative technique.

Concrete is not only made more beautiful with this method: it is also made stronger. The upper layer shields the base from harm. You may think of it as a way of ensuring that your floors are protected.

The worth of concrete resurfacing is not questioned by experts, showing how smart it may be as a home improvement option. It is much less expensive than laying bricks, granite or tiles. You ensure both beauty and durability in one fell swoop with this technique.

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